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The Clermont Victoria Hotel

We collaborated with the Claremont Victoria Hotel to revamp the entrance of their new restaurant, The SOAK, with a striking faux flower wall. This project aimed to create a memorable and vibrant entrance that aligns with the restaurant’s unique character.


The SOAK needed an entrance that would impress guests and reflect its vibrant, inviting atmosphere. Fresh floral arrangements, while beautiful, posed challenges such as high maintenance and frequent replacements. The design also had to fit within the existing architectural space without overwhelming it.


We proposed a stunning faux flower wall that offered a low-maintenance solution. The faux flowers were high-quality and retained their vibrant beauty without the need for constant upkeep. The custom design was created to seamlessly integrate with The SOAK’s aesthetic, featuring a lush and colourful display that would captivate guests and create an immersive experience.

Design & Installation

The project began with a site visit to assess the space and understand the requirements. Based on this assessment, the design team at Fredricks of London created sketches and mood boards, carefully selecting faux flowers that would complement the restaurant’s decor. Once the design was approved, our team meticulously prepared the faux flowers and materials. The installation was carried out by our skilled professionals who ensured that every element was securely attached and aligned with the overall design vision. Throughout the process, Fredricks of London maintained open communication with the Claremont Victoria Hotel team to ensure the project stayed on track and met the highest quality standards.

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The faux flower wall transformed the entrance of The SOAK into a vibrant and inviting space. The lush, colourful display created a stunning focal point that delighted guests and became a popular spot for photographs. The installation not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the entrance but also provided a practical, low-maintenance solution that allowed the hotel and restaurant staff to focus on delivering exceptional service and the Claremont Victoria Hotel management expressed their satisfaction with the installation

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