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Our Story

We’ve always been passionate about floristry.

Our founder, Frederick Hopkinson, grew up surrounded by flowers and foliage, working alongside his parents and grandfather. These early experiences sowed the seeds of an idea that grew to become Fredericks of London.

And, for over 20 years, Fredericks has become one of the UK’s leading floral designers and horticulture specialists.



Your floral designs are safe in the hands of Maria and Fred. Our childhood-sweethearts-turned-florist-founders have dedicated their entire careers to exploring exquisite floristry, founding Fredericks of London over twenty years ago from a humble store in Shoreditch.

Renowned for her audacious and vivid style, Maria specialises in classic styling from the early 20th century, reinvigorating simple, elegant and romantic designs with a touch of quirky modern flare.

Fred’s more modern arrangements have a sumptuous contemporary character, as he plays with unique garden-fresh foliage and velvety mosses to elevate impact with texture and an unexpected twist. The couple’s three children have grown up around the business and inherited their parents’ passion for flowers.


For over two decades, we’ve been passionate about celebrating the stunning natural beauty of flowers in all their forms. We are proud to be a member of the BFA (British Flower Association) and Flower Council of Holland. 

Whether for a prestigious London hotel, elite Park Lane residence or someone who simply wants to indulge a loved one with the gift of a beautiful bouquet - we take the time to make each one of our floral designs truly exceptional. Whatever the size and scale of an event our team will be happy to discuss your floral needs.


We’re not a faceless organisation - we’re a family business with collaboration at the heart of everything we do. So, when you choose us, you know that the floral designs you receive have been crafted with the utmost love and care in every way

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